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  • I am making a shipping company website. The client need to add DHl, FEDEX, UPS next pick up time chart in the website.

    check the link for understating:

    The section in the right side of the slider.. I want to add that in my website.

    How can I add that to my website.?

    Need some suggestions/Solutions


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  • This depends on what theme you are using. The “Featured products and services” section on the site you linked to is added differently from theme to theme. My suggestion would be to find a theme that has this type of section built in and start by using that theme. Once you choose a theme you will need to contact that theme’s developer and support community for help.

    Hope this gets you headed in the correct direction.

    I need to add it my own. Does anyone has the experience to do it their website ?

    I do not think you understand… how it is added will depend on your theme. Are you using a default twenty-something theme? If not, you need to contact the developer of the theme you are using to get help with this. Personally, I do not use the default themes because they require too much extra coding and that slows down the site development process.

    Thanks for your suggestion.. I can edit the theme… but I need to know where and how i get the codes of the section i want to know is there any plugin or something? ..because the pick up times are not static.. they changes every day @binarywc

    Again, you do not understand. This is a feature that needs to go in a plugin and there are already plugins out there that do this. Themes are for design. Shipping is not design but functionality. Functionality goes in a plugin. If you want to write your own wordpress shipping plugin then you will need to contact the shipping provider and ask them how to access their APIs then use that info and look at the WooCommerce/WP API calls and figure out how to hook the two up. Here is the WooCommerce Plugin developers Handbook

    We will not be able to help you much further here as this forum is for supporting code that is found here on and you are asking for help writing custom code. Hope this helps clear things up for you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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