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  1. TacticalZach
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello, my first post here. For starters I am not very proficient with web-stuff although very resourceful.

    The goal: build a WP site to house a resource library of information for the Corvair

    On that website include in any part of the homepage (header, side-bar, center field, whatever) a stream of forum topics from the forum we use

    What I'm envisioning is a stream of posts and excepts similar to what the twitter widgits do in side-bars (e.g. the right sidebar on http://www.tacticalzach.com

    I'm open to any suggestions, opinions, re-directs, etc. Please feel free to suggest any particular theme that might be better suited for this.

    Also I know NOTHING about the forum (or any other forum for that matter) as I'm teaming with the guy who runs it to help him with WP.

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