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  • Hey, thanks for reaching out, I’ll gladly help!

    Our aggregator works more or less in the following order: title + content + we add tags & categories that we’ve detected on your blog.

    Your main goal should be your content and the tags that you add to it, but mainly your content. If you write about similar stuff, our plugin should pick up that content that is most relevant. If it has no content (and by content I mean text) to work with it, relevancy factor slips down.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or if you need any kind of assistance — I’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice day!




    Thanx for the explanation.
    For English sites + posts that contain keywords on the titled (for eg.: news), that should do. Coupled with the option to exclude categories.

    But what about non-English sites? Does it use the English words in the url?

    Plus, is there a way to limit how old the related posts could be? And, does the plugin pick the recent once or randomly?

    Related: can you help me find sample CSS codes that I can copy and use on Zemanta settings page so as to modify the appearance?(I felt this query doesn’t warrant a new thread)

    Hey Dan, thanks for jumping in with those questions, appreciate it!

    Well, for non-English blogs, tags and categories are even more important, since the relevancy detection doesn’t change for other languages. We don’t quite support any other languages other than the English one, but our plugin still does what it can to finish the job.

    In any case — the relevancy system stays the same.

    As far as that time limit feature goes — we had this option enabled way back (probably a year ago), but since it wasn’t used by our users we had to remove it.

    But you can still move those blog posts you don’t want to recommend to others (via our plugin) to a new category, and that exclude that category from your results (via your plugin settings). Is this a viable option for you?

    Let me know what you think or if you have any other questions, since I’ll gladly help! Take care & have a nice day!


    hmm…I think i didn’t understand what you explained….could you pls explain me with some example??

    i just understood that you don’t provide full control over the plugin?? am i right?

    Hey, thanks for getting back to me, but I’m also not sure if we’re on the same page here, to be completely honest.

    The thing is, we provide you the full control over your plugin. We cannot interfere with how you use it, but the relevancy system is the same for everyone and cannot be modified.

    And I would really love to show you a couple of examples, really, but I would appreciate it if you could send me the link to your blog, so I would know with what we’re dealing with, in order to give you the best support possible.

    Is maybe one of those two links below the blog in question?

    Let me know, I’m eager to help you out! Take care & have a nice day!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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