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  • I have a photo gallery set up with an index Page, you click on a photo alblum and that goes to a Page with with a full-width page template. This works fine, except I would rather these photo album pages be POSTs.

    Is there any way get only some of the posts to be full width?

    similar to what is going on this thread

    How could I take this:

    function twentytwelvechild_body_classes( $classes ) {
    	if ( is_single() )
    		$classes[] = 'full-width';
    	return $classes;

    And say: if the category is photo albums use single that is full width?? And leave all other posts alone.

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  • I tried many versions of the above, I made several different templates, I used a Custom Post Template plugin…

    I ask,
    Why didn’t Twenty Twelve come with a truly full post layout (just like the full page layout) ???

    The best I can come up with cuts the text off where the sidebar should be. The Photospace gallery plugin works ok as it fills in the space.

    Any ideas out there? I just want a post template to be as full width as the page template is.


    Once you create the body class, write the is well used and works well…

    What I ended up doing was adding Custom Post Template plugin.
    Creating a Post Template, with a new div.
    Creating the css for that the same width as the Full Page Template.
    Works great. I can select this Post format when ever I need too, I am using it for photo albums layouts.

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