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  • I’m using TimThumb to add thumbnails to posts, and would like to have a row of thumbnails product close-ups at the bottom of a post. I’d like to use Custom fields to enter these into a post, then have a call-up in the end of the loop to grab these custom fields and display them.

    Each post will have a different set of images. I’d like to set it up so my client can add those thumbs in custom fields and call them “thumb1″, thumb2”, etc…. and know that the page will automatically add them. So I’d write the code so it will look for “thumb1”, “thumb2”, etc….and put them in a line under the post. So the code needs to call up all the thumbs, regardless how many are added.

    I’ve searched around trying to find how to put multiple timthumb thumbnails in the content of a post, and I’m finding nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Just using regular thumbnails in WordPress isn’t going to work. I have a large timthumb image on the left, with the content over to the right, and if it goes long enough to go past the timthumb large image, it will go to the left of the page. Which means that if a short amount of text is used, the WP thumbnails will start in the right area, then wrap to the left after it gets past the large image.

    I have a timthumb div for the main image, an article div for the text, and I’m trying to put the thumbnails in a separate div that will appear below the timthumb main image div, floating so that the text will continue to be on the right of the page. The code would need to call up the post’s custom fields and generate them with the timthumb script.

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