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  • Currently, blog users can make Comments from within the blog site. The Comment page picks up the current theme style, looks nice and users don’t have to leave blog site.

    What I want is the same for making Posts; Users can make draft Posts, which Editors then review and Publish.

    The code exists to do this: wp-admin/sidebar.php I think this was the old Basic-Post option.

    I could use this as is, but users have to leave the themed blog site and enter the non-themed WP-Admin area. Yuck!

    Could someone write a new, themed Post page?

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  • I tried to do this myself by running code within a Page I created, but ran into all kinds of errors even after using the runPHP plugin. See:

    I want this exact same feature. I want to be able to post from the blog and not the admin area. Because I don’t want vistors to have to register to make a Post. I am not writing any posts as the admin, I want visitors to write posts, but not register.

    Currently I have a custom page where they can write a comment to a category called New Posts and then I copy and paste that information in the admin area to the Write Post page. Pain. I just want them to be able to write the post themselves. Anyone know how to create a blog page that will do this. I have heavily customized my site and hacked virtually every function, just want to figure this one out.

    This is NOT the answer, but, it might give you hope that it is possible. Check out the Edit-N-Place plugin. I don’t think it is made for drafting/writing a new post. However it lets the Admins edit an existing published post, within the theme (not going into the Admin area).

    It seems like a step in the right direction, and could be incorporated with your ideas.

    “Could someone write a new, themed Post page?”

    Maybe … But you’re gonna have to ask nicely.

    pretty please

    Someone should know how to write a PHP form that will enter information into the post database table that I could use in my blog.

    If anyone is interested I have done this for some sites I run. It does a ton more stuff too including creating a contributing user and assigning the post to that user, assigning categories etc…all within my theme. All I have to do is review it and Publish.

    I’d be interested if you got something working. I myself don’t like swapping between the themed and non-themed sections, it takes a moment to load back and forth.

    Yeah I don’t really understand why WP is setup the way it is and doesn’t have that open built in. I set up a form in one of my themed pages that created a draft post, creates an user who is a contributer, assigns the post to that user and sets the category based on what they also selected. I also use a post rating plugin that is incorporated and I also run 80 some sites off of a single WP installation and database.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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