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  • I’m using the Mystique theme to run my blog and hit a big roadblock. I had my site set up with one sidebar (on the right), using fluid page width. I wanted to insert an object into the footer at the very bottom, so I pasted the code for it into the ‘Footer Content’ in Mystique Settings > Content Tab, underneath the code that was already there. When I updated and then looked at my page again, the background color I had chosen had gone back to the default, and my sidebar ads had moved over to the left side, with a message on the right that said I had activated the second sidebar. I erased the code I had added, but it made no difference. I tried to go back to the Design tab of Mystique Settings to set it back up with Fluid Width and one sidebar, but it won’t allow me to change the width of the columns, and after updating this time, all the sidebar ads are in the middle of the page and my content is not showing. I’m kind of afraid to do anything else at the moment, as each thing I try seems to mess it up a little worse. I would just like to know the simplest way to restore the Theme Settings to the way I had them before I touched the footer. Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide~

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