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    Woocommerce – I will have ~50 posters products. They all have a common attibute/variation set of 300-odd variants (size, paper, backing etc). All posters will have the same price for a given variant combination.

    Is there a clean way to do this using only one variation set of my 300 variants? Elsewise, making the same inevitable price and size changes for 50-100 posters will be a royal pain, but if I can make a change using only one master CSV file, it will be easy. Alternatively, I suspect one of many bulk variation plugins would enable easy copying, but I’d prefer the elegant solution a shared variant dataset would provide.

    It also occurs to me that I could somehow treat these different products as variants – seems kludgy to me, but feel free to change my mind.

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    To help clarify – I need no inventory stock control, so any use of variants in this regard is unnecessary.

    Not with the default variations unfortunately.

    I use Extra Product Options – not specifically for what you need but it will do it. You could set up ‘global’ options that you can apply to products by category, tag etc. This bypasses the attributes/variations. Also means that if you need to change the prices or add a new option, you only have to do it in one place!

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