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  • I notice that when I create a new page I can post normally on it, but there is no way a user can post in reply as if he were posting in an ordinary thread. I’d like to encourage banter on these new page posts but don’t see how. I did a fourm search but every time it timed out. Perhaps there is a plugin for such things ?

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  • I am assuming you do not wish to use comments. This in mind, when a user registers you can set there default role to contributor, this would then give users of your site the ability to create there own posts, and view others (not edit), and have control over their profile.

    Before everythinhg esle. let’s clarify: when you say “new page” are you referring to Pages ?

    Yes moshu, when I say pages I mean pages, like the “about me’ page. I want users to be able to post there in reply to what I have written. I want to know if this is possible as the things I am posting on these pages really do deserve comments. And no, i don’t want to post these things as just plain posts, I want them seperate from the main page and not mixed in with everything else

    It would be beneficial if you use the same language 🙂
    Visitors don’t “post”. You, the author post.
    Visitors comment.

    Add the call for the comments.php template to your page template. See how it is done in the single.php or index.php.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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