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    Thanks for all your previous help.
    I want to decrease the space after a specific line of type – such as after the last bullet in a paragraph (see large space after the last bullet on the static front Welcome page).
    Also, I’d like to decrease the space after the first full sentence on the Solutions > Web Design page to make it even with the rest of the paragraph. I assume the fact that I enlarged the “W” automatically increased the line spacing after this particular line.

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  • For the list on the Welcome page, it looks like you’ve accidentally placed a list within a list. It’s going:

          <li></li> (and so on)

    Try to remove the extra containing
    <ul> either in the visual editor or by editing it out of the html.

    The span value you placed on the big W on your Web Design page is definitely causing you spacing problems. I’m not sure how to fix it as is. Why don’t you try styling a drop cap technique instead?

    A few ideas:

    Thanks you for the assist. I did have it double indented, once for the bullet and then I used the indent feature for another indent. So I took out that command. However eliminating that didn’t change the large space after the last bullet.
    I had previously decreased my spacing after a hard returns by adding ” p { margin-bottom: 0.6em; } ” at the bottom of my CSS stylesheet and it did reduce everywhere but after the last bullets in a list. That is why I thought this could be handled on specific text edit format when needed. It’s not just on this bullet list but on all of them.
    Thanks for you help. Hope you have more good advice.

    Sure! That’s the margin on the <ul> tag. Here are the current values:

    ul, ol {
        margin: 0 0 1.625em 2.5em;

    If you want to reduce the margin at the bottom to match your <p>bottom margin, change the 1.625em to the value you want.

    WOW! It worked – thanks so much. After reading the info you provided on the other question where I have the big “W”, I don’t know if this is possible without it affecting every paragraph in an article / page. Appreciated the assistance. If you find out how to do this let me know.

    Thanks again!!!!

    Oh great, glad it worked out for you.

    I haven’t done it, but I believe that when creating a drop-cap class, you would want to make a special class (say ‘.drop-cap p’ instead of just p, or you’re right, it will apply to all values) and then you could add the code to that first paragraph in your text editor as <p class = "drop-cap"> or something similar depending on how you set up your styles.

    I have another question somewhat related to the above. If I need to start another forum I will. If you look at my “Services” page (Solutions > Services) I would like to reduce the margin after the headings Direct Mail • Variable Data • Web Design. Can this be done on line by line basis in the text edit when needed? Can you control leading on a line by line basis?

    You can adjust most things on a line-by-line basis, but it creates a lot of work for you, which is why styles should generally be standardized.

    In the case of those subheads, the code in action is this:

    .entry-content h2 {
    color: #000000;
    font-weight: bold;
    margin: 0 0 0.8125em;

    You could change that if you wanted, or you could make a special class to add to your text editor one line at a time.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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