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  1. visinoni
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I just recently themed my blog to look like my website. If you look at the blog, you'll notice that all of the links on the right side of the screen (rss feeds, wordpress link, etc.) all have the same icon. How could I assign a class to each of those links so that I could use a different icon for the rss feed? Normally I'd just go into the sidebar file and add the class, but I'm using the widget feature in wordpress 2.2. Is it possible to customize this and still support the widget thing?

  2. Leovenous
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Sounds interesting. I would probably take the easy way out and just make an icon for each section rather than every link. I would guess you would need to edit a function do add a unique class to every link.

    But now I'm getting out of my depth.

  3. If you only want to change a couple of those icons (the RSS feed ones), I would copy the HTML generated by that widget and paste it into a text widget instead. Then modify the HTML to have the classes you want and style accordingly.

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