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  • Hi.

    I have just spent the last week fighting the new 2.7 wp version,trying to get photos on my blog. Each ‘fix’ created another problem and I ended up having my host reset the whole system to what it was a week ago so I could have 2.6.3 back. (feeling like a big loser; why does this seem so simple for everyone else??)

    Now I want to get a new blog up but if I want to use wordpress through Fantastico there is only the 2.7 option.

    Is there anywhere I can download 2.6.3 for new blogs?

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  • Release Archives (found on the Downloads page):

    You want 2.6.5, not 2.6.3. And if any security vulns are found with 2.6.5 I sure hope you’ll reconsider the 2.7 upgrade…

    Thank you for the info.

    I would love to use 2.7 but CANNOT because photos will not download and I am not yet experienced enough to fix the problem myself.

    Is there a help line that I can access? I feel there is nowhere to go and that WordPress does not care about new users who are struggling to mkae it work.

    Please advise.

    I sympathize with your situation. I had a similar experience when WP launched 2.6. I run entire sites off WP and when a new version comes up it is a bit of a challenge for my clients who are use to the admin area looking and performing a certain way. The latest version is no exception. I tend to give the new version a few months (and revisions) before I “upgrade” to the next version.

    Unfortunately, the only advice I can give you is to submit specific information to the forum (errors you are getting, where exactly you are getting the errors, and file type and size you are uploading).

    I have also set up a working and demo blog where I use the demo blog to look at the new version or plugins before updating my working blog.

    For anyone who works on WP, if you could keep in mind that users do not like changing their working habits perhaps you could keep that in mind when changing the functionality of the admin area!

    Thank you. Your advice and sympathetic ear are appreciated.

    With regard to working and demo blogs: how can I set up a demo without having all blogs on my system automatically upgrade? Do I need to do a maual download of 2.7 and if so, will that affect my other wp blogs?

    Look forward to hearing.

    Do I need to do a maual download of 2.7 and if so, will that affect my other wp blogs?

    Do you have Cpanel? If so, the video below will show you how to manually install a new blog. You can have as many separate blogs as you want…just install them in their own directories with different names. You could also create a different database for each blog or use one for several/all of them by giving them unique table prefixes.

    How to Install WordPress through Cpanel

    see also Installing_Multiple_Blogs right here in the Docs section.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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