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  • However, I’m too clueless to be able to do it alone, can anyone please direct me to somebody who can give me a hand?

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  • By “add”, do you really mean install/configure/tweak/ and pimp?

    Do you want a full-blown SEO monster for your biz or will you be ok after the server stuff (which is the easy part!)

    musnake: by ‘ADD’ I meant “install/configure/tweak/” not the ‘pimp’ part, have now, want (which I did create yesterday on the company hosts server) with wordpress ’cause everybody tells me that’s better for my website.

    I don’t need SEO help, I’m told by hadding th eblog to our site that will help there, plus our site has a half dozen keyword/phrases ranked #1 in Google & Yahoo! plus probably 2 dozen other ones in the top 10 … so my blundering around has got us up there pretty well (even though our new PR sucks <– and I don’t care since that means ZIP to me and our site visitors, I Think).

    I could have sworn I replied to this and when I went to edit my reply for clarification, it disappeared. It’s not in my profile either. ???

    Here’s what I said (hope it comes thru this time and MODS, please delete the original post of mine which will be duplicative).

    Join this list (WP Pro) and post your project there. It’s for people who need/want paid, professional help with WordPress.

    But if you just want to know how to install it, you just install it to that subdomain, treating the subdomain just like any other domain. Even tho the subdomain will appear as a directory/folder on your server, WP will treat the subdomain just like a domain. Therefore, WP will be in its root. Hope this makes sense.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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