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  • Hi,

    I am planning to install WordPress in my computer locally, and I have three options WAMP, XAMPP, and BitNami.

    My question: I narrowed the selection to XAMPP and BitNami, which one I should use to install my WordPress environment ?

    Thank you for the correct and the quick answer.


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  • There is no correct answer. You can use either.

    WAMP has much easier UI than XAMPP. I prefer WAMP. Never tried Bitnami.

    I don’t use either. I prefer EasyPHP but I’ve heard some good things about InstantWP.

    hi esmi,

    jus googled InstantWP. Instantly dwnloaded. n its awsome.


    As much as I know:

    Updated one without hassle would be XAMPP and mostly preferred by users but it consumes more memory than wamp. For that case, during installation be sure to uncheck ‘include Apache and mysql in service’.

    Fast and easy one would be WAMP but it only runs on Windows.

    EasyPHP I never like to use because lots of hassle and few bugs.

    ..don’t know much about Bitnami..

    @rohan K: Yep – that’s pretty much what I’ve heard from others. 🙂

    XAMPP is much better,
    I am using it and its very fast and relay able !!

    I am having another problem, I want to have all of my sites data on my local machine!!

    Any idea how can have an updated copy all the time ???

    @romancenyou: Will you please start posting your own topics!

    OK and sorry once again, I did not know the rules 🙁
    I will be care full in future 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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