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    I am in need of help I am trying to install wp into my wamp on my home computer but have run into a issue with wp stopping on step 2 where it gives username and password but doesn’t go that far out. I have Windows XP Media Edition SP2 if that helps any. I hope to hear from some one with the same issue and fixed this problem. I have tried xampp also and no such luck so I am wondering if there is something in my version of windows that is causing issues with the install process.

    Thank you in advance to those that do respond.

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  • Silly question, but… Have you created your database before starting the install???

    yes i did all of that and still nothing i have been trying for months had it install on my old pc with no prob but get this new gateway with media center edition and it doesn’t want to install

    If XAMPP and WAMP don’t work, it’s probably a problem with the local apache/php/mysql install rather than a problem with WP.

    have you tried reinstalling wamp? or use maybe xampp. install it in a non-spaced directory, cause that would give you problems if you do.. then download latest WP. copy it to your htdocs.. create first the database.. then open the readme.html use the link to install.

    feel free to contact me in case you still need the help


    hello rudy
    i am not sure what you mean by non-spaced directory but if you mean an empty folder i have done that and still nothing I am wondering if it is something in the settings of windows xp media center edition that i am needing to change but all the other sites i have looked at really don’t explain much on it.

    thank you to those who have replied

    You might check the forum to see if there’s a problem of some sort with that version of xp – I seem to vaguely remember something about it, not sure now, I’ve never used it.

    You are sure you don’t have the windows-resident server running?

    resident server ?? I have only had this pc since Feb and didn’t know this pc had that type of deal on it if so would love to know more about it thank you vkaryl

    resident server: XP Pro includes IIS, microsoft’s web server. Things will go pear-shaped quickly if you have Apache and IIS both thinking they have port 80.

    i have located the IIS but it isn’t installed the box is unchecked for installation for that option
    of windows so now i am really lost. only things checked in windows components is accessories and utilities, ie,networking services,outlook express,my burner software, update root certs, windows digital media enhancements and windows media player so that means my IIS server isnt’ even installed. So back to square one of my issues

    thank you

    Also if you have Skype installed and setup to automatically run on startup, it might be your problem as it uses port 80 as well, by default.

    don’t have skype looked and asked about it. thanks all for the help and input.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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