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  • With regards to any of my comments about systems annon, being sabatours.
    I have just been on the fone with Shug from systems annon, and he absolutly assures me that it was nothing to do with them,and they did NOT sabotage our hill party and did NOT fone the cops at our ladybank quarry party. Therefore, I retract any of my previous statements & would like to appologise again for any concern and upset this has caused.
    I had mistakenly reacted to false information I had received, and really should have spoken to Shug before hand, but I was angry and upset, and acted rash.

    But there does appear to some one/ people out there who want to cause trouble and sabotage us, and by doing so have caused a rift and hassle between Froot and System annon.

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  • RE: To Jendo & RinCe.

    I was just commenting on how I totally agree with what you and RinCe had said about techno politics and trash talking, but I had been lied to about systems annon’s involvement in our parties being sabotaged and them calling the cops on us, and I reacted to this false information..

    This is what happened,

    Someone phoned the local radio station, Kingdom FM, pretending to be the police, and they had released a statment saying that they were aware there is an illlegal rave going to take place up falkland hill, and they will be coming up to arrest the organiser(s) and confiscate our equipment. So I decided not to have anymore parties up falkland hill.

    Then the summer after we decide to do our parties at an old quarry near ladybank in fife, which was about 5/6 miles away from falkland hill.
    Then someone called the police, pretending to be from a house near the party to complain about the noise, which was also bollocks, cos the only house near it was a farm house, and they were actually at the party with us, cos we asked them if it would be ok to do it there, and they were cool with it, cos they were friends with one of the guy’s dj’ing at our party.

    So the police asked us “if we were the same crew who used to do them up falkland hill”,
    I said yes, and they said “why don’t you just keep doing them up the hill”,
    So I said to them, “what about the announcement youz made on kingdom FM” to which they replied, “yeah we know all about that, and it was a hoax, it wasn’t us”.

    Then later on that night I had a guy telling me that the system annon guy’s had been going aroung slagging me off to folk at their parties, saying who the fuck do I think I am, calling me an arrogant bastard for putting on a party the same night as them, and I can’t just do parties when I like, and accusing me of trying to fuck up there parties.
    Which really pissed me of and upset me, and I also felt betrayed, because when ever systems annon were having a party I used to email all our punters on our info list and tell them about it , and I also played at a couple of there parties to, so I was happy to help promote their parties.

    So, yesterday, shug from systems annon phoned me, and he was pretty well pissed off as well with what I had written, so I told him why I had wrote it, because of what I had been told about them dissing me and shit and there involvement in fucking us over.
    He absolutely denied slagging me off and said that he/they would never get the cops involved in fucking up a party cos that just undermines everyone trying to do parties, he also completetly denied any involvement in the hoax call to kingdom FM.

    So, I am sure you can appreciate why I may have acted the way I did, and why I wrote that shit about them.

    But the fact still remains, that there is someone or some people out there trying to fuck us over, and by doing so they managed to create a rift and distrust between 2 sound systems who used to get on fine.

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