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  • I’m just wondering if it is better to wait with an upgrade to 3.0 on an public site?

    I’m reading quite a few problems, some of which are luckily being solved. Kudos to those who are helping out.

    Upgrading the site led to url problems because I’m using custom url’s haven’t been able to localize the problem yet, and report it back.

    All in all I don’t feel safe upgrading the site yet to 3.0.

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  • If you backup everything (site and database… WordPress Backups) then if it breaks you should easily be able to restore. Your best option would be to have a test install elsewhere, which is an exact mirror of the site, and then test the upgrade there (that way you should have a backup and also you can test how the upgrade affects the site).

    Most of the problems are due to a specific set of circumstances which probably will not affect your site.

    If you judge the update from topics posted here, then you get a biased view – remember that the vast majority of visitors here are here because they have a problem, not because they want to sing the praises of the latest version. There are many, many, WordPress users who will already have updated without issue.

    Then, as the other poster said, if you take your backups, even if you are unlucky and have a problem, you can revert easily.



    Thank you for the reactions.

    Is there anyway the url rewriting has changed in 3.0?

    I am using custom url’s, but somehow 3.0 keeps adding /category/ in the url, and links to custom taxonomy tags are no longer working. In spaghetti heaven at the moment.

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