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  • I have been running WordPress for a number of months now, since 1.5 and I believe I’ve upgrade to the latest (how do I check version number via file manager?). I’ve been happy with it, and it’s worked very well.

    And then I don’t know what happened between yesterday and today. I did not install any plugins or modify files. I might have made a post, and that seemed okay. But my website,, is no longer working.

    I had been using WordPress in my root directory, while the WordPress software was installed in /wordpress/ . My web host thinks that maybe my .htaccess file (the one in root, or the one in /wordpress/ ?) is too long.

    Whatever the case may be, when I browse to (which should be accessing the index.php file there) or when I try to access /wordpress/wp-admin/admin.php, alls I get is a “Waiting for…” in my Firefox browser status line.

    I’ve tried deleting the .htaccess files, but to no avail. I am able to browse to .htm files on my server, so the server is working ok. But permalinks and accessing .php files explicitly are not working. Help?

    (could it be a database error – and if so, wouldn’t the php file error out and say so? could it be the mod_rewrite.c module quit working? is there a handy-dandy *.php script in WordPress that can diagnose & troubleshoot, similar to how smoothly and smartly install.php works?)

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  • skippy



    To check which version of WordPress you have, open the file /wp-includes/version.php.

    How big was your .htaccess file? I’ve never heard of an overly long .htaccess causing problems; but that doesnt’ mean it’s not possible. Have you tried using the alternative rewrite rules ?

    Can you webhost check your the web server’s error log?

    Skippy, thanks for feedback. Found out I had v1.5.1 – so I upgraded to v1.5.1.2, the latest. I tried install of the alternative rewrite rules (overwrote my .htaccess), but still have the same symptoms.

    Checking my raw web log, what does not look good is some hits in my /wordpress/wp-admin/ directory from – that’s an IP address located in Amsterdam!? (I’m here in Washington DC.) Not good…

    Okay, with help from a WordPress friend, I kind of found the problem. The hacker from Amsterdam got into my wp admin, and modified some files in the /themes/ and /plugins/ directories. I removed all my plugins and re-installed some of them, and now my website is working again.

    I have not done a thorough investigation. (Yes, I changed my password immediately.) Thanks for the attempts to help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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