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    I’ve succesfully integrated WordPress and bbpress together. I have an existing oekaki board called Wacintaki 1.3.14 which has users. I would like to know how I can integrate the users from the board with WordPress/bbpress. There are no users on the wordpress/bbpress site, just myself. I don’t particularly want my users to log in twice to use the site. Can this be done?

    Your help would be most appreciated.
    Thank you

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  • I was looking for some kind of bridge a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I don’t think this has been done before. I also browsed through the Wacintaki forum, and at some point last year, someone did ask about integration in general, but I remember the developer of Wacintaki did mention something about the user system being difficult to bridge to anything else.

    Just because it hasn’t been done (yet) doesn’t mean it can’t be though. Hopefully someone more knowledgable will be able to help you. Ultimately your users might just have to login twice, but with the same username/pass.

    i found this entry over at bbpress, which is why i am not going to install bbpress yet:

    As of July 2008, do NOT try to integrate WordPress 2.6 with bbPress 0.9 Use WP 2.5.1 – the reason for this is simple – WordPress has radically changed the way cookies are used. If you have already installed WP 2.6, don’t worry you have not broken anything, you’ll just need to downgrade and install 2.5 instead. 2.5.1 is perfectly stable and has no known security issues – 2.6 only adds a few new features to WP. There is an updated version of bbPress in the works to support the new cookie method but it might be awhile before it’s available in a mainstream release.

    has anyone tried integrating bbpress with wordpress 2.6? if so how did it go. i really want to get started but it will probably have to wait.

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    energymv, thank you for the heads up, i haven’t got anything on my bbpress site and i’ve managed to integrate with no problems. i did have some problems, when it was installed i just changed the cookie thing.

    atm, i’m now trying to get the integration of WordPress and Wacintaki sorted out.

    the problem is that if i understand correctly, there is a security problem, something to do with cookies, and that’s why we are not supposed to integrate bbpress with wordpress 2.6.

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    i’ve removed the integration but would like to see the oekaki board integrated in someway.

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