• I’m like many others. The previous version of this plugin was great, until it became Exact Metrics…. Then, my WP dashboard just gotten taken over by ads…. It’s like you have to play a “game” closing all the MULTIPLE pop-up dialogues for upgrading just to get normal work done on the site…. And while you’re working, MORE ads start appearing!….

    I run a small, non-profit website…. I don’t need the “advanced” features being promoted…

    PLEASE allow me to either turn the pop-ups off or create a “non-profit” version of the plugin or something.

    Until then, this plugin remains DISABLED on my site….

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  • Plugin Support Michelle D.


    Hi @kccafe,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I’m really sorry about the frustration here.

    If you would like, you can turn on the option Hide Announcements found in ExactMetrics » Settings » Advanced » Miscellaneous. Turning on this option doesn’t hide everything but it will hide plugin announcements and update details.

    I’m sorry about the notifications. It’s not our intent to cause clutter. We try to provide as much value as possible to our users by communicating the Pro version features because a lot of users aren’t aware of them and can benefit greatly.

    We really appreciate you for giving us a try and if you have any other suggestions for the things you’d like to see in the Lite version, please let me know and I’d be happy to share your feedback with the team.

    And if you’d like more help with using ExactMetrics Lite, please feel welcome to reach us at https://www.exactmetrics.com/lite-support/. For example, if you feel that you have notifications constantly popping up right after closing them, that’s something our team is happy to look into since that shouldn’t be happening.

    Thank you.

    Thread Starter kccafe


    Michelle, thank you for at least replying to my criticism. I have re-activated the plugin and have chosen “hide announcements” as you suggested. I’ll see if that alleviates the issues for me.

    Since you seem open to suggestion, I would like to suggest that in future versions, you consider another method of educating users of the premium version outside of “pop-up bubbles” on the UI.

    Many other plugins set up a “window” on the main dashboard to inform users of the latest developments and premium features. It’s the first thing users see when they log in to their UI.

    I have had Exact Metrics “pop-up bubbles” appear everywhere on my UI – from the front page, to post and page composition pages, requiring me to go out of my way to close them down do I can see what I am working on… This is too intrusive.

    Thanks for listening,

    Plugin Support Michelle D.


    Hi @kccafe,

    Thank you for letting me know your thoughts, I really appreciate it. I’ve shared your message to our team for future consideration.

    Thank you.

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