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  • Danielle


    Yesterday I wrote here that I had no issues with w3total cache, but after a while and using it I will come back with that I have complete uninstall the plugin from my website.

    I always update my plugins, for so far never had troubles with it. Yesterday

    I was in the first place happy to see there was a new update for w3total cache, and it worked for so far I saw great, till I checked my page speed insight which was dropped from 96/100 to 91/100, after a while I read everywhere about the issues, and my admin panel gets slowed by the minute.

    I have disabled the plugin and also removed it completly. Install the plugin again from scratch brought me even more troubles, it took forever to disable the plugin and also for the load time of my website.

    I have disabled the plugin and uninstall it. Website works fine now

    W3total cache, the new version has things that I don’t understand what it will do, specially in the browser cache, also the ability to do something with purge all, brought me the troubles that after clean everything in cache, the homepage was not refreshed at all.

    Conclusion so far, too many options with no idea what it does, confusing where in the option panel, website loads very slow, indexing is very slow with this new plugin update. and no wp super cache is not a solution at all.

    w3total effects also other non wordpress websites
    Even coppermine has issues with w3total cache, I have install coppermine and use wordpress as main site, with w3total cache I must refresh coppermine all the time after I upload something which is strange, because coppermine has nothing to do wordpress at all.

    So beware that also other websites (multisites) are under influence from w3total cache. After I uninstalled w3total, my coppermine works fine without refresh all the time

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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