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  • Coral CDN is not supported unless they use Origin Pull (Mirror). I also have to mention that I do not recommend their service.

    Hi Frederick,
    Could you tell us why you would not recommend it?
    and which CDN would you recommend please… bearing in mind that some of us are on a budget 😉

    One more thing, I am currently testing Cotendo but cannot workout out to set it up within W3TC.
    The only comment regarding W3TC I had from the guys there (very professional by the way) was:
    “Our CDN is based on pulling the information which is triggered by a user’s request. One thing which may be useful for better caching is usage of ETAG header try to take a look into that”

    I’m not sure what this is. Would you recommend a particular setup?
    Thanks again

    Could you tell us why you would not recommend it?

    I prefer not to post negative feedback about companies. When last I checked their offering is not something I can associate W3TC with.

    Would you recommend a particular setup?

    Cotendo currently has a strong product line.

    You must make sure that W3TC is configured to use the “Mirror” method, enable it after specifying either the hostname cotentdo provided or a custom one if you’ve properly configured one. And then empty your page cache settings. View your page’s HTML source code to see that the CDN hostname is used where appropriate. If your site layout breaks, then there’s a misconfiguration at cotendo or in your settings. So you can try W3TC’s preview mode if you wish.

    It’s also important to make sure your contendo configuration is set to ignore cookies otherwise they will not cache files and not accelerate your site as a result.

    That’s great, thanks very much Frederick, I will try these setups!

    Hi Frederick,
    The guys at Cotendo advise me against any setup through W3TC… not sure why… this is what they say.
    Is there a counter argument I could give them? They don’t seem to know W3TC very well and might not be aware of improvements we could make… I guess

    Hi Christophe

    I do not know why this person directed you to do this. There is no configuration required on your side to use Cotendo other than the cname change on the dns service. The actions described fit more with cdnetworks behavior not Cotendo.
    Please don’t follow these instructions.

    I would stay away from using CoralCDN – I used it for a week and found images were loading a *lot* slower than just using our own server.

    @clabedan, whoever you spoke to may not understand what W3TC does. It’s true you can deploy some CDN products without a plugin, but your site would not be optimized, you would instead simply be offloading your entire web site similar to what Cloudflare does, which is also not a W3TC replacement.

    I think thé reason is That our dns point to cotendo who handle thé Whole thing. They only request thé origin servers when the query isn’t cached by them.
    Bearing this in mind if you think That we should Still optimise the relationship between cotendo and W3TC, is There somewhere guidelines i could find to show them?
    I’ m not very technical but i think They act as Some sort or reverse proxy.
    Thanks for your help on this Frédérick !

    Well most CDNs send all requests back to the origin when a cookie is sent by the user, which would basically be for every page of a given site with Google analytics for example. Anyway, just speak to them by phone and say that you have a solution to rewrite the address of static files to use their service via origin pull and you just want to set up a cookie-less domain to use for that purpose. They should understand that.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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