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  • I’ve discovered that W3 Total Cache has modified ALL outbound links in my WordPress site. You can see an example of the modified outbound links after I ran W3TC (and it attempted to make a cached copy of my links and videos): (search the term “see Facebook slideshow” to go straight to a outbound link that is now broken)

    That link currently points to… “” instead it should point to that page over on…

    …respectively, but W3 Total Cache has ‘updated’ them, apparently trying to make them point to copies in a cache? Anyway they both 404 now, as they’ve been altered.

    This is true for all outbound links on the site now. I’ve changed re-saving settings etc. in W3 Total Cache without any success. Obviously this is quite a serious problem as all my outbound links now 404 on my site (fyi, internal links all work fine).

    Any idea how to revert this? Thanks.

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  • W3TC did this to me, too, when I updated my CDN settings.

    It’s really bad that the default settings for this can seriously break websites. The default settings should be a safe mode.

    Joe tell me about it. I still can not believe it….and i have spent literally WEEKS trying to fix this, and i still have hundreds of broken links on my site.
    not to mention every embed and iframe on my site is also broken. WTF W3TC!!!!

    have anyone heard of a way to fix all these broken links?

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