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  • Hey Aaron,

    Did you deactivate or uninstall the plugin? I have the same issue, and I can’t get any RSS updates. I have tried deactivating the W3TC plugin, but no luck.

    I deleted it altogether, though deactivating it seemed to work for me.

    Strangely enough, it still reads as a valid rss

    Same here, deactivating the plugin brings back the RSS Feed, feedburner was unable to sync.

    That’s odd. When I hook into it via my chrome extension it still retrieves the feed properly. Very interesting o.o

    I’m having the same problem. Deactivating W3TC plugin, pinging FeedBurner and resyncing did the trick. I have activated the W3TC plugin again, but will probably have to redo this is with every new post.



    I have also faced this issue. Not related to WordPress 4.3.

    The solution is to disable caching the feed


    removing the static file from the cache folder.

    We’re having the exact same issue. It appears to have started on 8/20. I’ve currently disabled RSS caching and have been able to resync, but every once in a while it (feedburner) magically reverts to a cached version.

    Having same problem at, when I de-activate plugin everything works fine.

    Facing issue since mid August 2015. Can Author of this plugin fix it.

    Having same issue. Any update from author.

    Yea i saw this issue when i first got the plugin. What i cant figure out is i notice that it only can minify RSS feeds but it does not cache them. Has anyone ever been able to get RSS feeds to cache? As in an actual feed cache file is generated (what is the name of this file and what directory)? I had to write a patch for this plugin so it could properly page cache rss feeds since out-of-the-box this plugin does not cache rss actually renders them in real-time straight from the database. Yikes! Anyway, my fix works well and rss renders are now instant.

    Anyway, its been a while and i can’t remember how to resolve the html output problem others may be having hear but off the top of my head you could detect if a rss feed is being generated in your functions.php file and if so then immediately push back the correct “Content Type” header (e.g. application/rss+xml) before this plugin has a chance to push text/html.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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