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  • We’re just launching a new site and are enabling W3TC for the first time. We updated it to v. before enabling.

    But enabling W3TC produces pages of garbled code until I refresh the page once (I’m assuming this caches it).

    Not sure if this will come through OK, but here’s a sample of some of the page output:

    ��\{o�Ɩ�ߟb����^Q/�cK��&m.��E#r$MLr�G����b�]<code>���w������̐)˶��i�b�Z��q�3�=Ü|��������s6NàB��F=GD'b(g=G��</code>L?i��(n���Gf��I �ˍD=G��@����y,zN*fi���ac�99��t�T�T��&MO��i�z*JE����V(#9����

    �i�—��� pX���oxc�h����_���=�i �������aϣ�LT<���k���8

    I matched the settings to other sites we run, which I gained from a support site outlining preferred/optimal settings.


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  • Disabling Page Cache fix it for me but now it has slowed down my page loads. I hope they fix this soon.

    This issue also occurred for me. I disabled Page Cache and Browser Cache and it doesn’t happen anymore, but the site has slowed down. Please release a fix ASAP.

    Seeing the same thing on our sites after the latest update.

    Two of the sites that had this issue for me were on servers using PHP 5.3xx, which definitely seems to be related to the problem.

    Looks like it has to do with G-Zip setting. I’ve since disabled it, and it seems to have solved the issue with our company website, Blend. Might be a good fix until a new update is out addressing the issue for anyone experiencing the “seeing weird code after the W3tc update” issue.

    Yeah, we are also running PHP 5.3.26 on Apache So wondering if it does have to do with PHP version.

    We’d like to upgrade PHP on our server, but have a few older WP sites that we are concerned might break with new PHP (and clients have no budget for us to go in and fix if they DO 🙁

    I’ve tried but it doesn’t seem to solve this issue (at least not for my sites)

    We’re having the same problem. Server is on PHP 5.3 and after the latest update it does the same thing. It needs to be fixed fast, we’re having a site with 1.8m users per month and disabling gzip compression makes the site slow as hell!

    Same here! Pages are full of these weird symbols after the latest update. I also try to delete w3 total cache and to clean htaccess and wp-config but my website crashed and I could only see blank pages.

    How did you solve this issue?

    How did you clean htaccess and wp-config?

    Please, fix it as soon as possible!

    Try to bisable gzip compression in browser settings.

    It seems a bug on php 5.3 and gzip compression enabled.

    Track the issue here we are near to the fix.

    Hi everyone! We at the W3 Total Cache Fixed Community figured out what was causing the problem.

    Here’s the fix:

    Note: This specific fix is for people seeing garbled text that looks similar to this or this.

    1. Open PgCache_ContentGrabber.php (found in the w3-total-cache directory)

    2. Jump down to line 1244 which should show:

    if ( isset( $value0['n'] ) ) {

    3. Replace that line with:

    if ( is_array($value0) && isset( $value0['n'] ) ) {

    Hopefully you’ll come back and post your results so others can get confirmation.


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    The fix works for me, thanks!

    Kimberly, that fix seemed to work for me so far. Thank you!

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    Thanks, Kimberly. Fix seems to work for me. Please post back when W3TC release includes this fix.



    This worked for me too. Thanks a lot Kimberly 🙂

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