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  • W3C Validator xhtml strict rejects podpress code

    target=”new” title=”Download :
    I cannot find the code anywhere in the unzipped latest download

    My doctype is not being accepted either
    my “searchform” rejected; (fixed)
    <div><table width=”100%” align=”center” cellpadding=”3″ cellspacing=”0″ border
    I just removed the align center it’s still looks good

    other than that we look good, now the “promise” holds it will view right on all browsers… what a cluster..

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  • target="new" title="Download :

    You can find the code for this part of the podPress output in the podpress_theme.php (this specific line is in line 64 v8.8.6.3).


    thanks tim

    sticky issue, is anyone getting a fix on this XHTML strict issue?
    I tried to modify the code in podpress and it crashed the site. Live and learn. Fixed via file server with original theme file.

    most reference the fixes in specific module usage instead of extensible usage. as here:
    $podPressDownloadlinks .= ‘‘;

    Hi dael3,

    in general it is a better idea to leave the code of the plugin as it is.

    Since 8.8.5, podPress has e.g. the Filter Hook podpress_downloadlinks which gives you a possibility to filter the content of the line below the player preview or player.

    You should use this hook to filter all the target="new" attributes which are not allowed in XHTML Strict (but e.g. in Transitional).

    Create a PHP file and name it for instance podpress_filters.php.
    The filter plugin (content of this file) could be look like this:

    Plugin Name: podPress filters
    Plugin URI:
    Description: some filters for podPress
    Author: ntm
    Version: 1.0
    Author URI:
    add_filter('podpress_downloadlinks', 'filter_some_podpress_code_elements');
    function filter_some_podpress_code_elements($podpressdownloadlinks) {
    	$podpressdownloadlinks = str_replace('target="new" ', '', $podpressdownloadlinks);
    	return $podpressdownloadlinks;

    Put the file into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder or a sub folder of that folder and activate the new plugin.

    This filter removes all target="new" from these links.

    All other podPress Hooks are listed in the podPress / Other Notes section.


    vunderbar, thx again tim, you are blessed!

    I will give it a go.
    thanks for the kick start

    Tim, just after we talked there is an update to podpress and the old code is still there.. Oh well I am still trying to get css to show in firefox opera and safari.. IE8 looks great… and the transitional 1.0 validator checks out. Is xhtml now passe?

    dael the Doctype is defined by your theme and your are correct the target="new" attributes are still in the podPress code. Because the behaviour which this attribute causes is the desired behaviour (at least for me and probably Dan). Furthermore this attribute is allowed in the Doctypes with the surname Transitional (as far as I know). But of course the validator does not like these attributes if your theme has the Doctype XHTML 1.0 Strict.

    But you can use the the filter plugin to filter out these attributes. Does it not work? Are there further elements which are not valid in the XHTML 1.0 Strict context?

    podPress 8.8.8 includes some adjustments at other parts of the code which produces HTML output for the blog frontend. (I have added these modification after you have made me aware of this issue.) These adjustments should make the output valid by default if you are using the new default theme Twenty Ten (HTML5) or HTML 4.01 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Furthermore podPress 8.8.8 has also a new filter hook which could be used to filter the complete section which podPress adds to the output of the posts.

    Maybe it is a good idea to deliver this filter plugin as a part of the podPress plugin.

    thanks again, call me lazy but I have not worked on the filters per se. I have a larger issue in that my site is not loading in any browser properly save IE8.

    So I am on that till I get it right. Thanks for your work and input.
    You are an “elmer” to the noob.

    I am finding redundant links to the css which maybe confusing browsers. But I have to find the source. and change it.
    I have a call into the server folks questioning the php.ini.

    I will put out a new podPress version (probably) tomorrow and I’m going to include the filter plugin (or maybe some other solution).

    BTW: you can add CSS for the podPress elements in the posts e.g. with

    /* CSS for the podPress box */
    .podPress_content {
    /* CSS only for <div> box which contains the player or player preview */
    podpress_playerspace {
    /* CSS only for line with links below the player or player preview */
    .podPress_downloadlinks {

    thx I will keep that in mind! Nice to do custom stuff after I finally got blog working on most major browsers today!

    podPress v8.8.8.1 has a new option at its General Settings page with name “do not use the target="new" attribute in links of podPress” which will help with the validity of the HTML output of podPress.

    thanks tim
    we’ll check it out asap.

    on ward to the goal!

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