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    I am currently using the theme Twenty Eleven on my website. I am currently trying to use the W3C Markup Validation Service to make sure my site is up to standards.

    I have been given two (2) errors about the same thing. They are as follows.

    Line 65, Column 11: Element hgroup not allowed as child of element header in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)


    Line 65, Column 11: The hgroup element is obsolete. To mark up subheadings, consider either just putting the subheading into a p element after the h1-h6 element containing the main heading, or else putting the subheading directly within the h1-h6 element containing the main heading, but separated from the main heading by punctuation and/or within, for example, a span class=”subheading” element with differentiated styling. To group headings and subheadings, alternative titles, or taglines, consider using the header or div elements.

    I am not a coder, but if I can get some straight information and instructions on how to fix this I think I can do it.

    I’ve searched the entire support forums for similar topics and I only found one from over a year ago and it has been closed with no comments. If you close this, please comment and tell me what I’m doing/saying wrong.

    Thanks, Morgan

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