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  • Hello , it is super important for me to solve this issue. When i am scanning my site w3 validator gives me Error: CSS: Parse Error At line 186, column 26527 em > .menu-link,{height:100%;
    How can i gain access to this and what should i do?

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  • CSS is typically from your theme, though plugins (and sometimes WordPress) do inject their own CSS as well.

    But the little information you’ve given is not enough for us to tell you the root of the validation error.

    Please provide the address of the specific page you’re validating, so we can check and advise you.

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    Thanks a lot for your answer. i want to validate my homepage on what else do you need?

    hello there
    @papatom77 did u solve it ?
    because i have the same error can u help me


    I have been facing that same kind of problems for the cool juice wrld phone cases that may include in amazon in near future.

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    hello , i dont know how to solve it, my host provider manage it, i think he change something on php


    Hello , it is super important for me to solve this issue. When i am scanning my site w3 validator gives me Error: CSS: Parse Error At line 186, column 26527 em > .menu-link,{height:100%;

    For this specific case, the last comma before the opening curly bracket shouldn’t be there. This is code you have in the ADDITIONAL CSS box, so that’s easy to fix.

    But that’s just one of a ton of validation errors and warnings on your site.

    Unfortunately, for the most part, CSS (and HTML) validation is not something that you click buttons or install a plugin to fix. And this has nothing to do with your host changing something in PHP — these are errors in coding.

    Some of these “errors” are in the custom CSS you added in the ADDITIONAL CSS box. Some are coming from your theme. Some are coming from your Elementor page builder. Some are coming from Woocommerce, as well as other plugins.

    The only way to fix these “errors” is to examine every line of CSS code on your site, trace the source, and fix the reported errors.

    Also, note that several of these “errors” are non-issues and arguably not even errors at all: the web is an example where the technology is often far ahead of the standardization process. New features become standard only after they’ve been field-tested and widely supported by all the major browsers. So some of these “errors” are errors in the sense that the code is not YET in the technical standard against which the validator is testing your code, but they’re nonetheless valid code supported by all major browsers.

    Personally, I don’t bother testing for HTML & CSS validation on a WordPress site, except when I’m coding my own theme from scratch. I’m more concerned about accessibility. — ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their ability, can easily access my website and content.

    If CSS (and HTML) validation is important to you, you’ll need to plan ahead long before you start your site. Before deciding on a theme, test the demo to be sure it validates properly. Re-test after installing the theme on your site. And test after installing every plugin that outpost front-end code.

    Soon you’ll discover your options are very limited, and this battle may not be worth fighting at all.



    The motivation behind why this blunder shows up is on the grounds that you have at least one mistakes in your custom CSS/LESS CSS. To determine this blunder, you will have to survey your custom CSS, LESS CSS for any mistakes like a missing { , } , ; or in any event, spelling botches in your CSS properties. Techeish

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