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  • Any one can help me how fix w3 errors below bold is showing errors.

    I am checking website in




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  • error 1. (=)
    error 2. (&)
    error 3. (f)


    Thanks for prompt reply .

    could you give me one example in the below line.


    error in this (f)

    Here is a page talks about Entities

    A document must use escaped entities for Less than (<), Greater than (>), and Ampersand (&). In addition, within HREF or IMG elements, a document must use escaped entities for equal sign (=), quote (“), and space ( ). A document need not use escaped entities for any other characters coded 126 or below. A document need not use escaped entities for characters coded 128 through 255, provided that the codes are in conformance with ISO 8859-1 (“Latin-1”); however, use of the escaped entities is recommended in this case.

    So I’m not 100% sure so you would have to test this tradtips, but your code with changing the equal sign into an entity

    see if this works

    & # 61 ; (without spaces) (=) Equals sign
    so swap the equals out for the entity code

    see if that tests on the w3 validator.
    all I did was where there is an equal sign =, I substituted the entity code =

    course I’m not 100% certain when it comes to w3 and the entity codes and different standards.

    Edit: I had to make a text file since putting the entity code in a post to show doesn’t work, doesn’t even show inside code format.

    Anyhow I changed your equal signs to entities and posted it in a text file for you to actually see what I did

    I swapped the equal with the entity code for equal. That should work on the validator

    Dear All thank to reply.

    Try but not success,can any one do it for me,i will give you my user password

    The coding very difficult ,i am not understanding about coding;


    not more errors only 36 Errors.

    when i validate my WordPress blog through W3validator then some issues left.
    1). like facebook iframe code error
    2). </body> and </html> close tag in footer defined
    3). social media buttons plugin’s error
    so please can any one help to solve these issue..
    i feel thankful in advance for anyone who helps me to solve these issue

    As you can see here in the welcome section, It is very much encouraged that you start your own thread.

    A 5 month old post is unlikely to get much attention, and posts with many replies also do not get any attention – many people seeknig to help with issues look for posts with no replies.

    Starting your own thread is best – including a link to your site (Or a link to your validator results) is even more helpful

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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