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  • I downloaded W3Total Cache to my site on Monday evening. I immediately got a “Full Database Error” when I went back to the URL. It also immediately blocked me out of my admin and log in and crashed my server.

    My sister is a web developer. She couldn’t get in to the Admin panel either and ended up moving the site to a new IP on BlueHost from the old server. She FTPed most of the files over making sure no W3 files travelled along. She was able to log in to the Dashboard on the new IP.

    Now when someone who has never been on the site before heads to they see the current and new site.

    Yet when I or anyone who has been on the site before was logging on we were getting the old Mom in Chapel Hill site that had issues. I still couldn’t log in.

    After trying various cache cleaning, deleting, and system care on my computer and my phone’s Internet I was still getting the old site and couldn’t log in.

    We decided to completely remove the old IP address’s content, hopeful that it would then require the Domain Name to reroute to the new IP.

    Now anyone who has been on the site in the past and may have cached it at one point gets this error:
    Error 500: Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

    The problem is on the server side, not with your browser or the address. Most probably, a certain service (e.g., Tomcat engine) is down. Please contact your webmaster.

    Yet, again, if someone has never been to the site before they get the new site at the new IP without any issues. And I still can’t log on as Admin.

    All of the mominchapelhill content is clearly moved over to the new IP and the Bluehost servers. The issue is some bizarre cacheing thing that I can’t fix (and also concerned because I can’t ask my readers and subscribers who have been on my site at some point in the past to system care or download a patch to keep reading my site).

    What the heck is going on and how do I fix this!?

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