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  • Hello everybody,

    The site on which I use W3TC, has around 1000 pages of content. I have around 50 categories and 950 posts. The posts need to be updated(cached again) once each 2 days. But homepage and categories need to be cached everytime a new posts is made – and I do 10 posts per day. I also need everything to be cached all the time.

    I would like to set the plugin up correcly and to understand how it works.

    But the most important question is: After the cache of a page experies and it is taken by garbage collection module, will the new version of page’s cache be automatically recreated?

    Here is what I have done so far:
    I set cache experies to 100 000 seconds.
    I set garbage collection interval to 10 000 secs.
    I disabled database cache.
    I disabled page cache.
    On purge cache – I selected Home Page and Daily archive pages.

    I am not sure does this work in the way i descibed bellow. Once a page is cached, it experies after (100 000 + 10 000 seconds in this case), the garbage collection section is going to delete the cached pages in question. So all the 1000 page’s cache is going to be deleted after 110 000 seconds and home/category page is going to be deleted once new post is published.

    Regarding cache preloading, will it preload the cache for pages that are already cached? For example will it preload any more pages if I set it to 1000 per 1000 seconds and but all pages of the site are preloaded.

    What other setting should i use in this case?

    Thanks very much.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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