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  • I’m very interested in the answer to this question as well. I just discovered WP Session Manager and I’m very excited to use it, but I would be using it to get around some problems I’ve been running into with W3 Total Cache, so if there’s a problem with that, then I probably can’t use this plugin.

    Plugin Author Eric Mann


    Sessions and caching are inherently incompatible.

    When you’re caching things on the page level, you’re serving data that never hits WordPress. When you’re caching things on the opcode level, you’re caching the responses of function calls which will no longer be dynamic. When you’re caching things on the database level, you’re preventing data from ever interacting with the database.

    You can make sessions work with a cache enabled, but you have to make it so that your session-heavy pages can skip the cache.

    Hi Eric,
    Hopefully you can help me with my problem. In the recent past i’ve used W3 Total Cache with great pleasure. And then suddenly the cache map on the server (wp-content/cache) filled and filled. So the host has emptied this map. Since then i have a problem – i wonder if it’s related to emptying the cache map. And since then NO cache plugin is working on my site! This means my website is very slow. (Yes, i’ve deactivated and tested all plugins, and no, there’s not a big server load)
    When i now activate W3 Total Cache i don’t see the website, but a ‘tree’ of the site.
    Do you have any idea what i should do now?
    Thanks in advance.

    After the problems with W3 Total Cache now I’m using Quick Cache.
    Doing research for a long time I’ve discovered something concerning the loading speed of WP-sites with a lot of pages, like my site, right now almost 3.000 pages.
    There is a standard command in WP: get_files. Normally, the whole menu with all the pages has to be indexed. But, if you are able to get rid off the command ‘get_files’ loading is much faster.
    I have nothing read on this forum about this possibility so far.
    Anyhow, if you check out my (Dutch) site – – you will discover an large WP-site with a whole lot of pages….loading real fast – cache plugin or not 🙂
    I’m very curious if other users are aware of the get_files issue.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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