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  • I wonder if anyone else has noted that when you use W3 Total Cache and set it to cache your feed, tags & categories, it prevents RSS readers like Google Reader, Feedburner, Feedblitz from properly updating your feed?

    I’ve disabled cacheing for the feed but that also disables caching for things I want cached like tags, categories, etc.

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  • This is a known issue that affects some users you can disable feed caching for now.

    The only problem there is that this will also disable caching for tags, categories & comments, which I do want cached. Is there any chance you could make the feed cache a distinct setting in future releases so you don’t have to lose the functionality of the other cache features?

    The next release fixes this issue. I don’t plan on decoupling those items.

    Thanks. Fixing the issue avoids any need to decouple the items.

    I am curious though why w. w3tc activated viewing my feed using a browser feed reader shows the updated feed while viewing it through a commercial feed reader like GOogle, Feedburner, Feedblitz doesn’t show the updated feed.

    Browser cache settings?

    I don’t think Chrome allows you to change any cache settings so I’m using whatever the default is. Same with Firefox, I’ve accepted default settings. Is there any particular thing I need to look for in my browser settings that would govern display of RSS feeds?

    I don’t understand the question. W3TC can tell your browser to cache pages/feeds/posts for any period you’d like. That was my point.

    Not sure what in my browser cache settings would’ve enabled it to properly update my blog feed. I suppose that’s possible.

    You can always disable feed caching if you have a doubt.

    I did disable it but that also disables caching of tags, categories, etc. which I don’t want to disable. Is there a way to ONLY disable feed caching? I don’t think so, but let me know if I’m wrong.

    I note there’s a new update for the plugin & you mentioned earlier the next one would address the RSS updating issue. Can you tell me if that’s true & I should reactivate that cache feature & test it?

    I didn’t address this issue in the release. Unfortunately there’s no way to disable of only feeds right now.

    Using the latest version (as of this writing) and even the disabling of feed caching still seems to cache feeds – or at least it doesn’t permit the feeds to update until I clear the cache. Is this a bug?

    No it’s not a bug, but there’s not enough controls right now. The development version does have them:

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