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w3 total cache, jetpack, and addthis

  • Hi all,
    I just installed w3 total cache on my blog. I could not get the auto minification to work, so I went for manual. I went through the help wizard, and added the js and css files it found that needed to be added. I then went to webhostinghero.com and did their page speed tool, and saw that it was trying to load around 35 external or internal files that weren’t minified. I added any ones it had missed, and re-tried. This brought my grade up from a b to an a, but only for the homepage. When all the other widgets are in use, for example on the list of posts, it goes down to a c.
    I repeated the process, adding more js and css files, and this is where it gets strange:
    Many of the files I added aren’t being minified and combined, even though their listed in the js and css sections. Mainly the culprets seem to be jetpack and addthis plugins. Is there any way to get a js or css file that absolutely won’t be minified to, well, behave?
    For reference, the blog:
    http://michaeltaboada.me, a grade on the page speed.
    http://michaeltaboada.me/blog, c grade.


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  • Hi again,
    I got the page load times drastically reduced by removing multiple javascript and css files that were duplicates in the plugin’s options. (I’m not sure why this did it, but…). I still can’t get addthis, jetpack, and facebook to minify though, and I suspect if I did I’d be at blazing speeds. As it stands I’m up to a solid b on the /blog page.

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