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  • After upgrading to 3.3, my site won’t load at all: white page, nothing there. Code source shows nothing.

    If I deactivate W3 Total Cache, everything works just fine.

    I don’t know which part of W3TC is not working (Minify, CDN, etc.)

    I’m guessing I should expect an upgrade for this plugin in a short while?



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  • Ok,

    Apparently all I needed to do was to deactivate Minify. Once I did, my website was working properly.

    I’ll wait for an update before trying to reactivate it.


    I’ve had a time with W3 TC too with both CDN (I use MaxCDN, and even they’re truly stumped) and minify.

    I wound up just disabling the JS part of minify and kept the CSS and that’s been working okay.

    Hopefully since there’s so many issues going on with minify, the next update will help.

    I had a similar conflict with w3TC and WP 3.3 also. Right after upgrading to the new version, I receive a white error page — my site went offline and had to go in to my ftp to disable all plugins and went from there to get my site back online.

    So now I’m a little apprehensive to use W3TC again. From the look of things, it appears that a couple of you are still using W3TC with limited use. I’ll wait awhile and see if there are anymore comments about this issue or an upgrade. In fact, I may even test W3TC on my test blog with WP 3.3 and see what happens.

    have the same problem

    minify won’t work

    It says right on the plugin page, compatible up to: 3.2.1. Upgrade at your own risk. I never upgrade WordPress until W3TC is compatible.

    robnalexpress… You are absolutely right. Since this is my first experience how a WordPress upgrade and old version of W3TC can become a conflict, I will take heed next time.

    I waited few days, and i always check all this stuff, but now i didn’t.
    So, having the minify problems too. For now, i turned minify off.
    With previous version, everything works excellent 😉

    Thanks Frederic for amazing plugin.

    I’m sure the developer is aware of the minify issues and since this wasn’t updated during the final beta stages of 3.3, it’s in the works.

    I’m sure the developer is aware of the minify issues and since this wasn’t updated during the final beta stages of 3.3, it’s in the works.

    I’m glad you’re “sure”, but I’m not as confident. I hope Frederick will soon find some time to work on W3TC, but there hasn’t been any activity on the development log for 4 months.

    Here i solve disabling any Jquery-xxxx.js from minify and put other scripts minified after body tag.

    I assume one issue is the new version of jquery being used? (I don’t know). But as robnalexpress mentions “…but there hasn’t been any activity on the development log for 4 months…”, I’m not sure if it’s worthwhile to use this plugin, maybe I should try and find another, that’s updated regularly? (I appreciate, oftentimes, developers have their hands full, and cannot devote as much time as they might want to).

    After upgrading to WP 3.3 my JS minify was not working. I had to delete all JS in the minify configuration and then put each file back, testing the cache mode with no files minified, then one, then two, and so on for each file. They all went back fine, including JQuery. I’m now running with all JS and CSS minified as before. I used the Help facility to put each JS file back in the configuration.

    If you’re using any sort of minify, caching is a problem if it doesn’t refresh the cache for new versions. This isn’t necessarily a problem with the plugin, caching is always an issue in updated installations when major libraries change.

    Try clearing all possible caches, then looking for more and clearing them too.

    For reference, W3TC works perfectly for me, however I do not use minify by default as I personally think it to be pointless. I understand those who disagree with my assessment there. 🙂

    wmiles is right on. Because I manually minified some css and javascripts files in my template before the WP 3.3 upgrade, I had go back to the minify section and delete all those files, and then minify them again.

    Everything is back to normal… works like a gem with WP 3.3.

    Hmmm. I have minify in auto mode on all my sites. I wonder what will happen if I upgrade to 3.3? I’ll try it on my “test” site and let y’all know.

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