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  • W3TC is taking all my locally-hosted JS, minifying it, and loading it at the top of the page, before jQuery. Of course, this breaks everything.

    I have Modernizr at the the top of <head> before any CSS. It is not loaded in wp_head. W3TC is combining all the other, local scripts into that one and minifying, then proceeding with remotely hosted enqueued scripts. 🙁

    Also, I wonder why W3TC is smart enough to look for linked <script> tags outside of wp_head, but does not incorporate in-line <script>. That also causes breakage when some inline script from a plugin calls a method that has been reduced to .c()

    Any way to make sure dependencies are honored while using W3TC? Anyone know a way to get it to incorporate inline script?

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  • To get around the jQuery issue, I changed from Google’s CDN to self-hosted version so W3TC could insert it in its proper place.

    However, the way it minifies is causing conflicts within the minified file. I have JavaScript that works fine inflated but now gives me errors like “a.element.ppause is not a function”. Have to give up on the plugin at this point. Third site I’ve tried it on with no luck. 🙁

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