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  • Hello,

    as reported by other users in the past, I am currently experiencing this issue serious enough that I risk my hosting account being banned if I don’t fix it.

    Basically since about some weeks ago W3 TC (currently using latest version) creates thousands of inodes a day.

    I opened a ticket with the admins and they said:

    “I believe it’s an issue with your Db cache folder
    It has 55809 files/directories.”

    What can I do to fix it or at least to find why this is happening?

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  • Yes I believe the plugin is still being ‘actively’ developed but not as much as many of us would like… it seems a lot of people are dropping off the W3TC bandwagon

    just idea: this could by done because of wrong folder right during the instalation…. ??

    @bigdrobek, the permissions are not cause of the problem. My websites are a couple of years old and the issues with cache files exist although folders rights are valid.

    Sorry to dredge this post up after such a long time. I ran into this issue on a large website today. DB caching and Object caching can cause this problem.

    Solution is to disable DB and Object caching to disk THEN delete all the contents of those files.

    This can take a long time (we had 1,000,000+ to remove!). The following command in PuTTy (or similar) terminal might help:

    cd [whereveryourwordpresslives]/wp-content/cache
    rm -rf db
    rm -rf object

    The above will delete the “cache/db” filer and all its contents and the “cache/object” folder and all its contents. This might take a LONG time if the folder and its contents totals 1,000,000+ 😉

    @robscott: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. This one is over 6 months old and references an older version of WordPress (and probably the plugin).

Viewing 5 replies - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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