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    I would love to use your plugin, because when I activate it, it speeds up my site tremendously. However, this plugin conflicts with the Easy FancyBox plugin which I’ve utilized throughout my site. I believe the conflict arises because the javascript for the EFB gets moved to the footer. Is there a way to avoid this or can one of your plugin files be edited to leave this particular plugin javascript alone?

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  • Hi, I’ve seen a conflict between Easy FancyBox and W3TC before. It was (if I’m not mistaken) the fact that the compacted javascript that is delivered by Easy FancyBox gets minimized by W3TC which results in some kind of breakage of the script. Without knowing any of the details, I would advise to try disabling some of the related settings in W3TC like the minification and/or bundeling of script files.

    If there is a way to exclude some files while leaving minification on, then try to exclude these files:


    The fact that the script files got moved to the footer should not matter (in fact, that is implemented in the upcoming release of Easy FancyBox) but the minification of the already packed script seems to be an issue…

    Please let me know if (and how) you worked around it or not 🙂


    Thank you for your reply. As far as I’m concerned, you’re a genius!

    The issue was resolved simply by disabling the ‘Minify’ option in the W3TC General Settings. The site loads incredibly fast and the Easy FancyBox function still works! If I dug a little deeper, I could probably fine tune those settings to optimize the performance even further. But as far as I’m concerned, the site is incredibly fast and I couldn’t be happier.

    Thanks again.

    Excellent 🙂 Could you mark this topic as resolved?

    Note: I’m not sure why the minify option breaks the packed version of the FancyBox script. Maybe it’s a known issue with minify, maybe this is a specific issue here… If someone could shed some light on that, I could work on a compatibility fix for the next release.

    Thanks again RavanH.

    This is the third time I’ve checked the ‘resolved’ checkbox. Hopefully it works this time. If not, this issue has been resolved.

    Nope, that does not seem to work (yet?) … but you should see a select field in the sidebar on the right in the “About this Topic” section which you can set to “Resolved”. If not, never mind 😉

    I know that this post is 10 months old and has been tried to be set to Marked Resolved, but I still wanted to point out another conflict as I was also having trouble getting the Easy FancyBox plugin to work with W3 Total Cache plugin and found a different reasoning than above.

    If you have Browser Caching enabled, and in the browser settings, you check “Prevent caching of objects after settings change” for Media & Other files, the FancyBox plugin won’t work. My guess is because the image URL will have something similar to “?ver=3049” appended to the end which might cause confusion to the JavaScript used to implement this feature.

    dmatriccino: I also see this behavior.

    I think this may be an issue with w3tc, because this was working properly prior to the recent update.

    Confirmed it does work properly if W3TC Browser Cache setting is unchecked: Prevent caching of objects after settings change

    May also be the matching routine used by Easy Fancybox. See line ~108+ of easy-fancybox.php

    Probably it does not match the filetype if the media query string is appended to the .jpg etc. Need to allow for the w3tc media query string, which is now in the form ?60eab3 — e.g. file src is

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