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  • both plugins are latest and when i activate minify option for js in total cache plugin my map wont load so anyone have solution?

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  • Same problem, who can help us?

    Same problem here. The map stay in the circling “L O A D I N G” state

    Guess nobody from plugin developers didnt show up 😛
    I have solved problem but you ppl can try as i did…
    HTML minify settings: Enable
    Inline CSS minification checked
    Inline JS minification checked
    Don’t minify feeds checked
    Line break removal checked

    or turn of html xml minify

    those two should be solve problem as i did.

    The first did not work for me. The latter, turning off HTML/XML Minify, is not an option. Does anybody know a Maps Plugin, that works with Total Cache?

    Thank you

    then try step two…
    turn on manual and add all scripts for minifying then remove one and return it until you find right one.

    i will try to help a bit to see what i have removed from minify on manual

    JS and CSS only checked fields are Enable and nothing more…
    JS script all embeded in head and just embeded ater body…
    CSS try to remove this script wp-content/plugins/rpx/files/stylesheet.css and i think that should work…by the way im using buddypress…

    and i excluded my child theme style.css also…i hope that will be helpfull 🙂

    So did people manage to resolve this?

    don’t know, i just banned google maps altogether, so at least for me it is no problem anymore

    Anyone else?

    ditler you can mail me credentials to fix that if is possible 🙂 i fixed for me maybe i can for u

    thank you, maybe you can post it here for the future or for Frederick – I on my part do not need it, I banned the maps for performance reasons and lack of usage.

    running away from the problem isnt solution 🙂 need to be patient and try all solutions 🙂 i was thinking about that problem.Ussualy there is some plugin also that makes problems.I haved with better wp security first then i tested all possibility and find solution then i posted here then i added totac cache and i go manually adding and removing scripts until i found need time an persistance but can be possible 🙂

    My maps were not working either. The solution for me was just unchecking Inline JS minification in the minify section

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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