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  • Hello, after the update it breaks site for logged users.
    For users who are not logged it is fine.
    But I had to switch to SG Optimizer plugin because of this.

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  • Also completely broken for me, except all my pages are broken for logged in users AND non-logged in users. My VPS also crashed after updating the plugin. I reverted back to the previous version by grabbing a copy from one of my other sites and it works fine. This is a pretty nasty update.

    Yep, also broke one of my sites. Doesn’t matter if it’s authenticated or anonymous user. There’s an issue with the filenames for JS and CSS files, so each of them has a 404 error if you look into the Chrome Developer Tools (Network Tab).

    This has also caused issues on two of my client sites. The URL paths being generated for the “Browser Cache” option are incorrect. Disabling Browser Cache fixes the immediate issue.

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    Indeed, I found that in Browser Caching was checked option for static cookies, or something like that. By eliminating it, the issue was solved.

    I experienced the same problem after updating. A broken layout for all users. Disabling the Browser Cache option in Performance > General settings solved the problem.

    Broke my site too. Turned off the Browser Cache option like ddelicious said above and that seems to have rectified the problem. Hope this gets fixed quickly.

    I run Prophoto as my theme and found that Minify in W3 broke my galleries. I tested it on and off and same result. So I took out Minify, ofcourse this gives me compression errors in Google Insights.

    Guess I’m having the same issue, both logged in and not.

    Media query string format appears broken.
    instead of

    The same happens to my webiste, however with logged users and not logged. When I deactivate the plugin the websites works fine. Just intalled another cache plugin until this plugin is fixed.

    Wish I had seen this thread before I got on the phone with my hosting support for 2 hours lol.

    People, seems like only specific “browser cache” options result in this error. Change some of the options

    I tried disabling some of the browser cache options but no avail. Had to disable browser cache altogether to fix the broken front end.

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    Would you please share the previous version of the plugin?
    I notice almost 60% of higher CPU usage after updating to new version.


    Sure, no problem. I just pulled it off my server and zipped it, so you might be able to install normally, or you might need to manually FTP it over, I make no guarantees. Regular install SHOULD work though.

    It’s not so obvious, but you can always download old versions of plugins from in the development/advanced screen. Just scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the version you want to download ( in this case).

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