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  • Hello,

    since some days W3 Total Cache leads to problems with my website. On the one hand some fonts are no longer displayed correctly (for example font symbols of social networks) and on the other hand umlauts (ä, ö, ü etc.) and other characters are no longer displayed correctly. Although Charset is set to UTF-8 in the htaccess file and also in the config.php of WordPress. All this has worked correctly all these months and years. And image uploads were also no longer possible – but I have seen that there was an update a few hours ago which fixed this bug.

    As soon as I deactivate W3 Total Cache, everything is displayed correctly. As soon as I activate W3 Total Cache, these problems occur. I did not change any settings in the last weeks or months, everything was fine.

    I am using the latest version – apart from fixing the image upload problem all other bugs still exist.

    One more question: W3 Total Cache used to write a lot of lines to the htaccess file, didn’t it? I can’t find such lines in my htaccess anymore – despite correctly set file permissions.


    PS: I have now copied the lines of W3 Total Cache from a backup of my htaccess file to the current htaccess file and uploaded the file: The problem is fixed, all fonts are displayed correctly. But this is no solution – obviously W3 Total Cache has a problem writing its information to the htaccess. What could be the reason! It worked in the past, too?

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  • Restart did not help at all and I am not able to pay professional support unfortunately. I now deactivated W3 Total Cache AND deinstalled it. What is strange: The website is still “cached” and tries to load the minified files from W3 Total Cache. Which makes no sense, all of that should disappear after deactivation and deinstallation of W3 Total Cache. And still all old entries in the htaccess are still there. There must be a reason for all that.

    I have finally found a solution and it also confirms that it is 100% a problem of W3 Total Cache.:

    W3TC does NOT automatically delete the “wp-content/cache” and “wp-content/w3tc-config” folders when it is uninstalled – but it should! Uninstalling means uninstalling, everything from the plugin should be removed completely!

    The following steps solved my problem – unfortunately the support of W3 Total Cache in this forum couldn’t help me, so I had to try it out myself.

    1) DO NOT use the export options of your W3TC settings. This function does not work reliably. Instead take screenshots of every single settings page, note down all settings, possibly copy entries into text files – in short: Save everything MANUALLY.

    2) Purge all caches.

    3) Disable all W3TC cache options (in the “General Settings”, so disable Page Cache, Minify, Databace Cache, Object Cache, etc.)!

    4) Deactivate and delete the W3 Total Cache plugin.

    5) Delete the “wp-content/cache” and “wp-content/w3tc-config” folders that still exist (but should not) despite uninstalling.

    6) Check your .htaccess file and make a backup copy of it. If there are still W3TC entries (like in my case), remove them completely.

    7) Install the current version of W3 Total Cache, activate it and reset all the settings you have saved in the form of screenshots or notes. This way you have restored all settings and you should also see that your .htaccess file has been updated (easy to recognize by the changed file size – when you open the file you will also see the added lines from W3 Total Cache).

    Sometime in the past there must have been some problem with a version change, so that the saved settings of W3 Total Cache didn’t work properly with the newer versions of the plugin anymore and also the update of the .htaccess wasn’t possible anymore. Only the clean and complete removal of the plugin and the manual recovery of all settings solved the problem – normally when removing a plugin the plugin should remove all settings, files and folders associated with the plugin. This is the meaning of “Remove”.

    Through the above mentioned steps it now works for me again.

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