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  • w3 total cache blocks the Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart.

    Version installed: W3TC Version 0.10.1
    WordPress version: 5.2.3
    Easy Digital Downloads version: 2.9.16

    Deactivating the w3 total cache plugin, the Easy Digital Download shopping cart works correctly.

    Note: W3 total cache worked with Easy Digital Downloads before, but with the W3TC updates the plugin blinks the shopping cart with an Error 503 page.
    Easy Digital Download recommends this configuration:

    W3 Total Cache Config
    In order to use W3 Total Cache with Easy Digital Downloads, there are a few settings you need to ensure are setup correctly. This is a basic list of the settings that need to be configured.

    General Settings

    Page Cache: enabled with Disk: enhanced
    Minify: disabled
    Database cache: disabled
    Object cache: disabled
    Browser cache: enabled
    CDN: enabled (this does not affect EDD)

    Object Cache

    Global Groups:

    Until recently everything worked correctly with this configuration but I want to emphasize that the problem arose in the latest updates.

    Any suggestions to solve this problem?

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  • Hi @macsgv,

    I am sorry to hear that there are some problems with the shopping cart in Easy Digital Downloads and I hope that I can help get this fixed for you.

    Have you tried manually deleting the cache folder located in /wp-content? Sometimes forcing the cache to rebuild itself that way can fix problems like the one you described.

    Thread Starter MCD Diseño Web


    Hello, thanks for your prompt response, I did what you advise me to delete the cache folder found in / wp-content and the problem persists, I still receive a 503 error but if I deactivate the w3tc Easy Digital Downloads plugin it works without problem.

    If I do not find a solution I will have to completely disentangle it and it is a shame that I really like this plugin but cannot keep the shopping cart locked.

    It is also an excellent plugin and it is the best of all I have tried but I am really very frustrated to not find a solution to this problem.

    I still accept suggestions, do you have any new ideas?

    I’m having the same 503 errors with the Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart as well as the functionality of Easy Digital Downloads reports within the dashboard. When I disable W3 Total Cache the functionality of Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart and reports returns.

    Plugin Contributor Harry Jackson



    I am sorry to hear you are still having issues. What I recommend is that you downgrade W3 Total Cache to until we are able to figure out what the problem is. 0.10 did not contain any security related patches so it is safe, and you should not experience any issues running it on your website.

    If you are unsure of how to install it that way, there is a neat plugin that can help you accomplish this in just a few clicks within your Dashboard:

    Meanwhile, providing us an example from the webserver and php error logs may also help track down this problem further, as we are currently unable to replicate it with the settings shared in this thread. We would really like to help solve the problem for you, and do hope you can provide more information to allow us to narrow down the problem further.

    Thanks for your time!

    Thread Starter MCD Diseño Web


    Hi Harry, I have downloaded version of the W3TC Version 0.10.1 to the W3TC Version and everything went back to normal 🙂 Thank you very much for this lifeguard!

    The error_log file does not show any error at all is literally empty (blank) at this point I can not help.

    My website I have hosted with Webempresa is the only information I can provide at the moment.

    If you need anything else that can be used to dilute the dilemma, do not hesitate to ask me.

    It really is an excellent plugin and and I highly recommend it to everyone. I hope this little inconvenience comes to a happy ending.

    Thanks very much! I rolled back to and everything works great again with the Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart and dashboard reports.

    My site is hosted by Site5 and I chatted with them to have them check the php error logs and they found no php error logs to report.

    Dear @harryjackson1221
    I had this problem too and want to downgrade plugin. I hope my topic in EDD support forum help you to solve the issue.

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by Mehdi24.

    No error logs here and backdating has resolved the issues.

    Thanks for posting this update! 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @macsgv, @pinkz1, @mehdi24, and @flashjunkie,

    Thank you for your patience.
    Some plugins still use wp_die for regular successful output. W3 Total Cache sets response header to 503 as wp_die is used for errors output.
    There is a temporary hotfix in our GitHub public repository for 0.10.1 version. Can you please apply the fix and reply back if this resolves your issue?

    The hotfix worked for me.

    Just to be sure that I did it right:
    I found the Generic_Plugin.php file in the w3-total-cache folder. I deleted the original line 521 and replaced it with “// wp_die is dynamic output (usually fatal errors), dont process it”. Is that correct?

    Everything is currently functioning. Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Contributor Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @pinkz1,

    Yes, that is correct. Glad to know you are no longer experiencing the issue.

    Thread Starter MCD Diseño Web


    Hi Marko, applying the hotfix solved the problem, the Easy Digital Download shopping cart works correctly.
    Thank you very much for your time and effort in finding the problem.

    Plugin Contributor Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @macsgv,
    I am glad your issue is resolved!
    We would really appreciate if you could take a minute and post a review here. This will help us to continue offering a top-notch product to users. Thank you for your help!

    Thread Starter MCD Diseño Web


    Testimony posted and thanks again. Regards!!!

    Ben Meredith


    Any plans to release this fix to the repo version? GiveWP users are experiencing the same thing, and we’d love to not have to ask them to roll back!

    Have a great day!

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