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  • So I used the google page speed module…
    Got a page speed of 79
    I was previously on shared servers so was using disk caching

    I moved to VPS as the share servers were quite slow… increased my page speed from 7 seconds to 0.7 however the google page speed was still 79.

    I installed APC on my ubunto server and put the page, minify and database cache on… this change the google page speed to… 78.

    I thought this was odd.. it was getting slower not faster…

    So I further looked into this and noticed a couple of the headers were off…


    so I switched them on… this changed the google page speed to


    The pages do seem to take longer to load now, I really am not sure why, but then I honestly have no clue what so ever with the caching stuff…

    Thankfully I installed on my test server instead of the main one

    this is the one with everything still set to disk chache:

    and this is a different server setup with the caching installed

    interestingly though.. even though APC or anything like that hasn’t been installed on the main server or set in the settings… it still shows a page speed of 74

    the other issues I have with speed are:

    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

    Leverage browser caching

    which I am not sure how to do

    Do you think I should uninstall W3 total cache completely and reinstall with default settings?

    I honestly have no clue with what I am doing with it… I follow tutorials and just seem to get slowdown…

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  • okay… so now I am confused.. it would seem that things are now getting a much better google response time on the beta site from google page speed.

    up to 82… and the red errors mentioned previously are now yellow errors…

    I guess it just took a while for the changes to take effect even though I had been purging the cache etc…

    hopefully i can get this to 100

    I’ve got it up to 84….
    And I seem to have got the beta site which is hosted on a friends local connection running (fiber) as fast as the VPS that doesnt have the advanced caching stuff…

    however even though I have tried the various non-blocking methods provided for the JS – JS, DEFERED and ASYNCH… it still came up with the message that I needed to use non blocking methods…

    It also doesn’t improve my google page speed… even though it improves my pge speed… but certain elements don’t load properly (like buttons, or my ticker.. fine once loaded and refreshed, but first load they don’t work)

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