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  • Here is my set-up currently.
    Apache 2.2.13
    PHP 5.2.11
    APC 3.1.3p1
    Memcached 1.2.6

    Intel Pentium 4 and 6 gigs of memory with some old scsi drives.

    Adjustment after adjustments I finally worked out most of the bugs.

    Blank admin page after upgrading to APC 3.1.3p1

    The fix is to disable apc.include_once_override = 0 or just removing that line altogether.

    I guess its time to give some support back because W3 Total Cache saved my WordPress site and server from a total collapse. Now, I have the time to move my WordPress to a powerful server, add some memcached servers and keep using this plugin.

    I had a few bugs that took a little time to hash out but overall definitely worth the time.

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  • Thanks for the input. Did you test a stable APC release to see if the tweak is still applicable?

    They are not going to fix this feature for now.

    Try to disable apc.include_once_override = 0 in your php.ini configuration or just removing that line altogether.

    Found another bug….but it is not W3 Total Cache fault.

    I had a huge table over 15,000 records in my WordPress database but only 300 records were being actively used.

    wp_options table had been building up with junk since 2003….

    Every time a page would load it would query the option’s records and would then send it to processing. The sql cache would be about 11mb big which couldn’t be cache on memcache because it only takes a max 1mb cache. This would overload my server and eventually crash.

    I used APC to cache my pages and database. That was a temporary fix until I found the culprit. Using APC it is easy to sort out thousands of user cache entries by size. After dumping wp_option and only putting in the info needed memcache starting working with a 98% hit rate.

    I also run 4 memcache servers on one machine each with a 128mb. All I have to say is ZOOM ZOOM 🙂

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