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  • so i’ve been attempting to use Cloudfront for my new personal wordpress site.
    i dont have my files on S3. im using direct origin to my website hosted on hostgator.
    i set up the cloudfront distribution with http only point to my website url with custom ttl of 0.
    i pointed my cname called to the domain provided cloudfront.
    i waited for the distribution to be deployed.

    then i went over to my w3 plugin in wordpress
    everything is default cept i turned on Set expires header and Set entity tag (eTag)
    i enabled on cdn, chose origin pull – amazon cloudfront
    went over to cdn tab, entered my access id and etc. Replace site’s hostname with my own cname.
    tested the distribution and it passed.

    i went over to webpagetest and none of my files are being served by the cloudfront
    i went over to and noticed none of the files are on the cdn either
    did i miss something or do something wrong?
    thank you

    PS:i have videos hosted on s3 with cloudfront cdn, no cname, and they stream perfectly thur cloudfront.

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  • in case another plugin is causing this problem
    here are a list of plugins i use that are related
    Better WordPress Minify
    Disable Comments
    SEO Ultimate
    Use Google Libraries
    Video.js – HTML5 Video Player for WordPress
    W3 Total Cache

    please note i’ve attempted deleting reinstalling w3, disable-delete-recreate my cloudfront distribution, changing cname, trying without cname.

    i’ve also used cloudflare and maxcdn on this wordpress blog via w3 without problem. but i switched to cloudfront as its more cost efficient.

    that’s odd – some of your content is getting picked up by cloudfront, but not all of it. You’re using origin pull?
    according to webpagetest, it looks like it’s only picking up js and css, so maybe add uploads to the folders that get served by cdn as well as /wp-content/plugins

    problem solved. mod please delete my post. thanks

    what was the solution?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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