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    I would suggest that anyone considering paying for support think twice about it. We sent w3-edge $150 through the plugin and all I got was an email from Paypal saying our payment was received on May 10th. I’ve since sent two emails to the support email listed on the paypal receipt, one email at the contact form on, and even left a voice mail after looking up their number on jigsaw. It’s now May 20th. I haven’t heard from anyone there as to when, if ever, they plan on doing anything with our site. Apparently they don’t care. Seriously, I understand people get busy, but take five minutes to send me an email following up.

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  • I always thought, there is a strong reason why the config side of things of the plugin are so puzzling and unclear. It must be income, logically. Perhaps lots of money and lots of orders, understaffed as well (could explain it perhaps?) I am planing to pay for the support too.

    @PLLMedia- Something doesn’t add up here. I’ve submitted bug reports for assistance from within the plugin and always got reasonably prompt response and assistance from the author- for free. In fact, just last week I emailed him about bugs in the current version and got a reply within 3 days.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    @pllmedia, what is your email address? No one seems to be able to imagine getting hundreds of emails almost everyday. Each one requiring some actual thought and investigation to reply to.

    @fredericktownes Hello Frederick, is there going to be a new w3tc version update please? Mainly because of this:
    … there are some issues with use of .html at permalinks end or trailing slash.
    Thank you!

    Without getting in to the above matter – W3 is really an essential and efficient plugin and we use on all our WP projects.


    Also, speaking as a plugin developer myself, most people have no idea on how much work and hundreds of hours that really goes into developing complex plugins, maintenance, further development etc.

    Excellent work Frederick ^^

    I’ve tweeted Fredrick and got a response within 24hours. I would guess the original poster’s emails have not been received for some reason. As Frederick does reply, even to non payers like me (small time independent user, compared to some of the big fish using this plugin)

    And again, as the someone above posted this is a FREE plugin, so demanding great things in support is never going to happen. Hence the paid support option.

    It’s also a technical plugin, built for those that know what they are doing. As opposed to install and leave it.

    To be a bit critical of W3C I would mention things like improved PR would help a lot. There is so much detail there, it’s incredible. But, to the end user the plugin is initially not set up well in terms of making things clear.

    A simple statement saying this would be a good start.

    Likewise for immediate support, stating these things would relieve a lot of problems.

    PR is something this plugin is lacking. Technically, aside from the current glitches, it’s great. But in terms of end user PR I would like to see Fredrick get someone to lend him a hand if possible. I think if this happens, then it will really take off. Perhaps an intern!

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