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  1. gupperman
    Posted 5 years ago #


    My homepage's sidebar consists of 10 banners that mix at every page reload. Once i turn the W3 cache on, they stop mixing of course and I only get them in one order all the time which is not good.

    I tried the mfunc stuff but it doesn't work:

    For example if I enter this simple code in my sidebar, I get the same "random" number everytime I refresh. So I have to turn off the plugin to have mixed banners on every reload.

    <!-- MFUNC -->
    <? echo rand(); ?>
    <!-- /mfunc -->

    I know you can use iframe or javascript BUT 25% of my visitors don't have JS according to analytics...and iframes won't work as expected in every browser (not to talk about IE! :) .

    SO...... is it still possible to use random banners AND w3 cache in the same time? (which is great btw, the website is laser fast with it).

    Thank you!

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