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  • W3TC works just fine with WooCommerce, my own site runs both. As I understand it, WooCommerce automatically adds the required settings to all of the shop pages so that these pages are not cached.

    Regards, James

    Hi James, could you tell us what version of woocommerce and W3total cache you are using.

    I’ve done several test and basic installation of W3total cache + woocommerce guarenteed compatible themes (wordpress default + wootique) showed me that the both doesn’t like each other.

    Turning off browser caching did help to make all the woocommerce function work.
    Unfortunately this can not be a solution.

    Gabrielstuff – I’m using the latest versions of all, ie WP 3.5.1 with WooCommerce 2.0.4 and W3TC My theme is ‘Striking’ which seems fairly compatible with the above despite not being a WooTheme.

    Might be a server configuration error perhaps? It’s taken a while for me to get mine right – a private VPS server with APC caching installed. Made a big difference to page load speeds and PageRank and YSlow scores.

    I do have css minification turned off at the moment though as it seems to cause issues with some plugins (specifically the Grid / list view toggle plugin) but other than that, all good.

    I had W3TC and WC installed on my old HostPapa shared hosting (albeit with basic disc caching) and that also worked fine. So W3TC and WC are definitely compatible in my experience.


    I didn’t say they are not compatible. They are just not really friends.
    I put a demo site for all of us in order to demonstrate it.


    I had a nonfunctional WC cart with W3TC until I turned off database cache (disk). So far it seems to work fine with page caching, object caching, browser caching and CDN.


    Here :

    You’ll find a basci wordpress install with last W3TC + last Woocommerce + last WordPress

    It does not work with basic install.

    Please let me know if you want access, I can send you some via PM.

    Gabrielstuff – can you be at little bit more specific please regarding what exactly doesn’t work? There are no details in any of your posts above, just general comments like ‘does not work’, ‘not good friends’ and they ‘don’t like each other’. I’m afraid that doesn’t really help anyone! If you can give specific examples of problems then others can check whether they work for them and report back.

    I have found one problem this week in my own install when I tried using variations for products. The price, stock and ‘add to cart’ button were not being shown (set as display: hidden) in css. They should become unhidden when a customer selects a variation, but this wasn’t happening. I found this was due to css minification being turned on, so I’ve had to turn it off for now until I can investigate further. Not sure whether this is an issue with my theme (Striking) or WC + W3TC compatibility.

    Regards, James

    Well, the problem is the same for everyone :

    1. Check this page :

    Add some products.

    2. See the cart updated, now go to the cart :

    See no product, the cart is empty.

    3. try to remove some product :

    See, product are not removed.

    I should have define the issue more specifically but well, the thing is the cart doesnt work. Admin wroks, products display, etc etc but the SHOPING experience is trashed.

    This various issue are mentioned here :

    And a basic search on google shows lot of people having issue setupping WooC + W3TC

    Hey Gabriel,

    I experienced the exact same problem. Didn’t get support from Woocommerce or W3 either, so went to figure it out myself.
    The database caching appears to be the problem. I turned that off and everything works smooth now. I even think it’s working faster than with database caching enabled, but not sure about that.

    May be Frederick also has something to add to this?

    Anyway, hope this solves it for you too Gabriel!

    hey !
    If you read my statement in the github issues, you’ll see that you do not have to turn of database caching 🙂

    Adding :
    Adding to W3TC database cache the query stems :


    fix the issue when database cache is on.
    Maybe I miss something else but I’m fully sure that I want database caching for the rest of my site.


    Thanks for this reply. Didn’t mention the discussion on github. Tried to exclude these query items and you’re absolutely right. Works great! Database caching is enabled for the rest of my site now again. Thanks!

    Damn 🙁 and you do not have any issues ? did you tried the test site I run ?

    did you have the browser cache enabled ?

    No other issues here.

    I got all other types of caching enabled:
    Minify, db, odject cache via APC, page disk enhanced and Browser cache also enabled.

    Excluded wc_session instead of _wc_session_ for database caching, could that make the difference?

    BTW: How did you find out you had to exclude this query item? I am having a similar problem in woocommerce sensei, so would love to know how to find the query item to exclude there.

    Well, just log out the database query cache state via W3TC (general setting logs -> check database).
    Then look at what is trying to cache or has aready cached. Then put away this stems !

    Ok, could you drop out your browser cache settings here ? what is check or not ?

    For the demo site :

    Specify global browser cache policy.

    [x] Set Last-Modified header

    [x] Set expires header

    [x] Set cache control header

    [x] Set entity tag (eTag)

    [ ] Set W3 Total Cache header

    [x] Enable HTTP (gzip) compression

    [ ] Prevent caching of objects after settings change

    [ ] Disable cookies for static files

    [ ] Do not process 404 errors for static objects with WordPress

    Check the test site, you will see that the cart gets updated only if your refresh the page. That is exactly where I’m sure browser cache makes woo fail.

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