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  • Yes, I see it has already been an issue. Yes, I’m new to the forums. Yes, I understand the protection issue. The question is this:

    Voxant says…

    “WordPress does not allow our content to be displayed on their blog site. The response we have received from WordPress was; until they have received enough inquiries from their user base they will not support our player. Please let them know that you would like to put our content on your blog, we are ready to work with them at any time.”

    So, here I am letting you know. That being said, if WordPress feels, at all, in any way, that there is danger to the use of this. Just forget I said anything. Reading what little you have written about it is enough to scare me away from even trying. But, for the record, I did ask you.

    I think what they offer is pretty cool. But, I also think WordPress is cooler and I can always find a work around where it is set up elsewhere and therefore of no danger to WordPress… even if there are whacked-out, viral nut cases messing with their stuff. Thanks for the time gang!

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  • I have no clue what this is about, but I’m going to bet you wanted to be aiming at the WordPress.COM folks (the free hosted service) as opposed to the users here who host their own blogs.

    (note that .com and .org are different)

    I don’t know but .org is where my blog sits and .com is who sent me here. And I don’t think Voxant knows the difference. All I know is their stuff, when used and loaded on my blog wipes out the post completely and leaves only the news article I was trying to embed and ad they attach to it. The only way to recover your post is to remove their markup for the news article you wanted to embed. Sigh. They say WordPress will only work with them if enough of us ask about it. They didn’t say .com or .org though so they probably don’t know there’s a difference. I didn’t until this morning.

    So… what is it?

    Are you doing something like pasting javascript in the WYSIWYG editor and hoping it’ll work? (it won’t — disable the wysiwyg for such shenanigans).

    Is it something that would be more appropriately added to a theme instead of each post?


    OMG, I’m so sorry! I just think because I’m so behind in things that you guys know all about this stuff and that I’m automatically the last one to know.

    Here… I think this is so frickin’ cool!

    This is the Voxant I’m talking about.

    You see a news story, embed it in the text of a related blog and you benefit, readers benefit, Voxant gets paid, you get paid… it’s a winning situation.

    I got it to load but it wiped out all the rest of my post in the process. So, I removed it and everything went back to normal. Then I read a comment about embedding things on and I got scared. It made embedding things sound viral and threatening. I’m a coward about that kind of stuff as it is so I’m easily shushed with that kind of thing.

    Please, please look… tell me what you think!

    Adding this 20 minutes later…
    It sounds almost like the blog within a blog post you’re working on with eyal8r. I didn’t say I wasn’t nosy! I went to see what else you’re talking about and I couldn’t help but wonder. I too thought about adding a “Page” to handle the news articles with a link to them in the blog post. Now I’m really curious if we’re talking about the same thing. 😉

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